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You have so elegantly captured a kind of distress across the community. I have to make a disclaimer. I am a fan of Tranamation and have been one for a while. However without going into details I routinely take off the brakes.
What do people want if we take a cross section %75 and they are the kind of idiot who sticks peas up their nostrils it is an old warning by mothers.
Abraham Lincolns speech at Gettysburg taps my core every time I read it. He of course was panned by enough of the public to record the reaction. I believe Lincoln was satisfied by the speech. We do it for ourselves. Salvador Dali Served up the pap and kitsch which brings in a lot of people who witlessly defend him
There was Miro, Ernst, Duchamps, Breton and so many others just Miro's tea cup and teaspoon covered in fur just grabbed something primitive and hit me in the face. Take Apollonaire one of the most important figures in Surrealisme is bound to be unknown in this country except for those strange few who create. I do not see everyone as an equal. I am not a fan of the proletariat, they did monstrous things to Russia.
Instant gratification, news spewed out which is unbalanced. The false sense of mastery of the world brought to you by the internet. When I started my career in computing, Mosaic was the tool to use on the net. I picked up an experiment indesign producing code. symmetry. About two weeks later I received a genuine inquiry regarding their work.
Yes! taking a chance is more than most will ever do. Taking a chance distinguishes the banal from those of us tortured by knowing they are good and not great. Have you heard of "The Road Less Travelled" by Robert Frost.
One last point is the Invitation to the dance and to dance is involved but the follow me of Nietzsche in the "Invitation to the Voyage" It is a great invitation to reach to soar, and to join him because he was lonely. It is not failure just not the success you wanted. You may not be a great author, I will never again say that to someone. It causes unnecessary torture. However you were able to dance and can do so still.
Scholastically, I help preserve a record of the past. You create however well. To let the mind soar is something I cannot live without.

My indentation is flaky but I wanted to pour this from my head Don't feel to badly the base nature of humanity can glimpse it briefly. I think they call it a miracle.

Dansez, dansez avec moi. Je vous donnais le/a main.
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