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About Deviant William Mitlyng family originally came from Sar Hog Trondelag in Norway;. Born in Staten Island Army hospitalMale/United States Recent Activity
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I am struck by the idea of deviency.

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 2, 2012, 2:40 AM
If a group of people also connected to other members of a movement you create a local norm. In spite If you behave in a way that distances you from everybody, possibly yourself, you are mad or so brilliant that you are a little unusual. I am thinking of a physic's professor more at home with numbers and a computer. He would mutter a little. I cannot imagine what his thinking was like but he worked on the orgiinal sustainednuclear chain reaction and protested strongly the work to be done by the people at Los Alamos. I did not bother him to say  "Huh hy, your that fission guy" and the impatient  ones who could not be bothered unless you operated at their level. You also found bright ( emotionally bright ) kind, men for the most part.

They are deviants because there lives might sound strange and do not connect with the average people, do so viciously, or possess astonishing patience in spite of being Nobel Laureates. By statistical standards most of the people at the school were at least two standard deviations from the norm. Being normal was  frightening and appalling. It was disturbing because there are so many injuries that leave you alive but mentally disabled or emotionally troubled.

There was a French writer Pierre Bourdieu who wrote Distinction with the thought that whatever you do there highs and lows within the subculture. If we are found devient by the broadest definition of society That works for defining yourself a devient. What comes the most strongly to mind is sexuality in so many forms. That is when you are shunned, disowned, verbally abused. I remember a case where a lesbian couples cat died and there was a fine powder on the floor. There was no chemical analysis done but the two women were convinced someone had poisoned their cat. I have to admit to a twinge in my heart over the thought of a pet being killed. In any event friction built between the couple and  management over how to handle the situation and ultimately the couple left on the basis of observation in stead of deduction. I am making no statement other than the scientific method was not employed and appearances were far more important than substance.

I will make this a running commentary in my journal.


You have so elegantly captured a kind of distress across the community. I have to make a disclaimer. I am a fan of Tranamation and have been one for a while. However without going into details I routinely take off the brakes. What do people want if we take a cross section %75 and they are the kind o...

by rafater

There is one thing symbolic, realistic but would probably turn people off. A vampire with a rounder belly from the blood. I am glad to see no obvious ribs. The eyes are wonderful they have almost a metallic cast to them, lets say steel. Working without high cheek bones definitely give her a departur...

I think there is nothing so deleterious to a culture as making a thought offensive to the state, church, or the rigid small mindedness of the school board. I say this because I grew up in a town of 19000. There lack of focus, intellect, and history; their daring to view themselves on the side of mor...


William Mitlyng family originally came from Sar Hog Trondelag in Norway;. Born in Staten Island Army hospital
United States
I have gone to a great school but life teaches almost as much if you examine it well.
I come from.... I am a non-theist. I like women big and small, thin or thick, and men just so long as the person is aesthetically appealing. If not, it has lead me to places I do not want to be.
I am a programmer and administrator.
I like Bauhaus, "Art and group", New Order the musical group, Bulat Otkudzhava saw him in concert, PIL, a rendition of the Firebird suite on stage appealing to the wild early slav.
For art, mu.
Am I deceitful, yes but I will in time admit the falsehood.
Do I think artistic reviews should be harsh no but if I really think someone is talented I will push.;

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She has to be Ms. B.

I would like to be honest about your impact. That is a if hot the barometer of art and its critics. Let me know if I could just say that you reminded me of something very important. Your art made me look back at vital things about literature. It is the highest praise I can give an artist. You changed my thinking and behavior. Don't acquire Hubris.
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So how are you and what is your GF's weight. My curiosity comes from tjhe put downs in what you might call middle. I was known as zhirnaya zhopa.
I made a promise about extras. I think points work the best.
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